“Beyond the Gates of Splendor”, “End of the Spear” + “The Grandfathers” (DVD)






These three films will blow you away, based in 1956 on the true story of five young missionaries, among them Jim Elliot and Nate Saint, who set out to make contact with the Waodani (A violent Ecuadorian tribe defined by their savage revenge killing) with the goal to share the gospel with them.

Shortly after making contact with a few members of the tribe the five missionaries are savagely, and shockingly, speared to death by members of the tribe. Their death increases the love and compassion of the wives and children of those men to move into the Wadani tribe and teach them about God. This is an amazing true story of Love and Forgiveness.

The thing I love most about these films is in the beginning the Waodani tribe are as savage and violent and cold blooded as you could possibly imagine, the life of these tribe people revolved around death, revenge and spearing. Literally Every person in the tribe have had their immediate family (mum/dad/sister/brother etc) speared at one point. But through the love of God demonstrated through the missionaries, their wives and their children, even the heart of the most violent and savage warrior in that tribe was radically transformed!

Every person in the tribe now has an intimate and very real relationship with God! A relationship that’s actually more real than the relationship a lot of people in church experience!!

“Beyond the Gates of Splendor” is DVD 1 of 3, this is the documentary
“End of the Spear” is DVD 2 of 3, this is the actual film
“The Grandfathers” is DVD 3 of 3, this is the follow up documentary of the grandson/Waodani tribe/family members etc

“Beyond the Gates of Splendor” Trailer

“End of the Spear” Trailer

“The Grandfathers” Trailer


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