Book Review: Jesus Culture

I’ve just (for the second time) finished reading ‘Jesus Culture’ by Banning Liebscher, a phenomenal book describing the culture that is being expressed and developed within this generation. Revivalists that are marked by their honour for those who have gone before them, their passionate love for Jesus and their dedication to a life of prayer! To say i am inspired every time i pick this book up is an understatement – it’s fuelling a hunger inside of me to see more people connect with and release their full potential in God’s purposes for their life!

This book is ideal for younger Christians who are passionate and hungry to see the culture change around them, to in fact be the change that they want the world to see. It’s predominantly written towards that younger generation (say 11-30) but after reading it through a few times now, i would recommend it to anyone who wants to stir up faith in their own generation and learn how to work together to forward that goal! Every youth or young adult leader should get themselves a copy, because it not only inspires you to see the potential within every young person, but it inspires you personally to stretch and challenge yourself to go their first!  

Fantastic read! One of those books that you’ll want to read again and again!

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Thoughts, dreams, hopes, experiences, cares, concerns, wonders and ideas all deserve to be written down, explored and relished in! I am one of those people who interacts more completely with a thought if it is written down, discussed and actually 'thought about'. So that's why i created this blog, to share, to discover and to better understand the vivid discussions that go on in and around my world. This is one of my favourite quotes, from the founder of 24-7 Prayer, Pete Greig: "We commit to one another intimately and vulnerably, giving our lives and aspirations to be lost and found in something bigger and more complex than our own egos. To breathe together intimately, we must co-exist in vulnerable proximity, exhaling and inhaling God's vibrant aliveness..."

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