Terry Law – How to Hear Gods voice (4-part audio teaching)


Terry Law is a great teacher, his life demonstrates what a person can do for God when they launch out into Gods will leaving self security completely behind.

Their is quite a bit of background noise in this teaching when the volume is turned up but if you can ignore that then this is a great teaching.

CD One – The first session uses a few of Terry’s own life testimonies to demonstrate the importance of listening out for the blowing of the wind and flowing with it. Many times when you’re walking down the street you don’t notice the wind blowing except for when it’s blowing you around and messing up your hair – God’s voice is often like this!

CD Two – In this session Terry talks about the difference between the “Logos” word and the “Rhēma” word.

Logos word (G3056) = This is usually the written word (i.e. The written Bible)
Heb 13:22 nkj  “…I appeal to you, brethren, bear with the word [logos] of exhortation, for I have written to you in few words “
Rhēma word (G4487) = This is always the spoken word, the literal Greek definition is “that which is or has been uttered by the living voice”.  Rhēma is the revelatory, spontaneous, flowing, spoken word of God straight from his living voice. The root word is the word rheō which means “to utter”.

CD Three – Terry carries on this teaching in the third session with the importance of meditating on God’s Rhēma. He explains how the word “meditate” means to “turn over, chew upon and softly mutter”. A cow will chew on grass and ingest it but the cow is then able to bring the food back up and chew over it again (it’s called “mastication”). Meditating on Gods word is the same as this, it’s very different to just memorizing scripture.

The only way to meditate on Gods word is to turn it over and over whilst you softly, but audibly, speak it to yourself.

Obey what you hear: He also speaks about the importance of obeying what you hear, it is a pattern of disobedience in your life that will harden your heart.

CD Four


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