New Spirit Filled Life Bible (NKJ)

I highly recommend this as a very good study tool and everyday use Bible, i’ve had many Bibles and this is easily the best one i’ve owned.

I’m quite fussy when it comes to Bibles, I like the pages to be as white as possible with very little bleed and all the verse numbers to start on a new line and this does all of that perfectly, but theirs more to this Bible. It has lots of useful boxes called “word wealth” sections where they’ve added a little box that tells you a bit more about that particular Hebrew/Greek word and it’s definition in context to the the culture of that language when it was written (see picture below):

The commentary boxes are also very good, theirs enough of it to be interesting but not too much to become annoying. It’s a very good balance between a home study Bible and one you can use in services without it being too big.

For a much more in-depth review with lots of nicely presented clear, high resolution pics check out this external review from the Bible Reading Project guys: Click Here

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