John Bevere – Drawing Near

John Bevere – Drawing Near (A Life of intimacy with God)

Sitting on the balcony of a small mediterranean house we rented in Barcelona on a family holiday a few years back I found myself spending hours and hours completely captivated by this book – reading, studying and highlighting portions of it. I remember taking 2-3hrs+ sitting on that balcony each morning with the noise of the sea only 200ft away sometimes reading a single page of it over and over again until my mind captured what my spirit was doing backflips over.

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” James 4:8

“God states clearly in this scripture that we can initiate this step at any moment in time. We draw first. We are the ones that determine the level of our relationship with God, not God. People who are close to God are close to God because they chose to be.” John Bevere (p25)

People like Smith Wigglesworth, Evan Roberts, Rees Howells, Billy Graham etc were not born with stars over their cribs, they were close to God because they chose to be! We determine the level of our relationship with God, not God…

1 Thessalonians 5:17 “pray without ceasing”
(NLT says: “never stop praying!”)

If prayer is a dialogue (two-way conversation) as opposed to a monologue (one-way conversation) and God is telling us to pray without ceasing, that means he is willing, no, yearning (James 4:5), to speak to us without ceasing at any time, any place!

The ball is in our court, the invitation and yearning cry of God’s heart to draw near is in our hands. God has reserved his heart for those who have given theirs completely. That’s the kind of people God is raising up and using in His end-time harvest!

One of the most encouraging quotes i’ve read that compliments the theme of this book completely was by a guy God used powerfully in the early 1900’s called Smith Wigglesworth, he said:

“God is not looking for those with great ability and gifts who have the Holy Spirit, but those who have God’s ability and gifts because the Holy Spirit has them!! He is looking for those who will come to the place of absolute surrender. They will be the laborers used in the last great worldwide revival. They will be God’s end time army!!”

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