Furious Love (DVD)

Furious Love DVD

After Darren Wilson made his first film ‘Finger of God’ which documented real life every day miracles happening on the street, he decided to look deeper into this and the motivation behind it!

So off he went to a crusade in Africa, thinking to himself it’ll be a nice bit of the usual worship, word, and altar call, then off on a nice safari trip he could go, but what he saw there would take him on one eye opening journey… Into the war that is being waged in the spiritual realm! Into a darkness that is so much darker than that which we realise yet there is a light shining through

This journey leads his to the centre of the sex trade in Thailand, massacres of Christians in India, witchcratft festivals in America, and a dump in Madrid, right in the midst of all these dark places are Christians armed with the only weapon that will and can defeat it LOVE!!

This film will shock you, may even scare you but it will sure blow you away. Whether it be the witch who removes his hood when realising he is in the presence of God, or the Congolese village who have been raped, beaten, and tortured yet won’t stop singing ‘We have a friend in Jesus’.

It is a wake up call to the reality of a darkness in the world that is overwhelmingly complicated, yet the answer is so simple and that is to be the light and Love, as Christ first loved us, something which each and every one of us can do!!


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